5WAY is a global platform based in Milan

With the mission to support a creative talent of emerging designers within the fashion industry and to the final consumer.

Following the launch of its first popup in 2019, 5WAY has since expanded to offer a range of services including PR, production, photography and e-commerce.

Over the past year 5WAY has been trusted by over 100 designers from 5 different continents, to strengthen their brands on the market and reach a wider audience base.

5WAY reflects the change of fashion and the revolution which is currently taking place in the industry. 

We equip brands with different tools, allowing them to engage a global audience through a multi channel strategy which merges both online and offline activities.

We believe that together we can make positive change within the fashion industry, by encouraging our designers to utilise innovative, ethical and sustainable production practices, we are taking a step closer towards building a greener future for all.