Pop up stores: The preferred choice of emerging designers
Up until a few years ago, the most commonly used strategy for most designers to grow their brands was to attend local markets, use generic platforms and participate in trade fairs. However in recent years the pop-up store formula has been steadily growing in pace.
Communicating a brand today
There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and it is not being talked about." This famous historical quote by Oscar Wilde is as true today as ever within the world of fashion: if nobody knows about your brand, how can you sell it? 
Producing a fashion collection: how and where?
Fashion production: chances are your thoughts immediately go to China, India or Turkey. But these large-scale manufacturing countries where fast fashion giants have flocked to over the years are not the only solution. Especially for a startup. Have you ever thought about Italy?
Selling online: the secrets for an e-commerce that really work
The web is the fastest way for reaching as many users as possible, an excellent window for fashion: but how can we emerge out from the sea of offers and capture potential customers?