PR Memberhip 

Frequently asked questions

What kind of stylists do you work with?

Our network includes a mix of stylists, editors and photographers who work directly for well-known magazines, as well as freelancers who do shoots for independent magazines. This mix provides our brands with maximum diversity of audience bases. All stylists are vetted before joining our network to ensure that the garments are well taken care of and high quality imagery is produced.

How long until I will receive the publications?

The timing varies depending on the shoot. Some photoshoots are done for blogs, in which case you should expect to have them published within 1-2 months of the shoot taking place. If your products were loaned for print magazines, the lead time is a lot longer and can be anywhere up to 3-4 months ahead of time.

How can I be sure that the shoots my products are selected for are aligned with my brand?

We do not accept any loans for publications which we deem to have a negative impact on the requested brand's image. If you have any particular requirements for the positioning of your brand, please request a consultation with us prior to commencing, so that we may align ourselves with you and ensure that all shoots are in the best interest of your brand.

When will I be notified of the publications?

As soon as the shoots have been published, and your brand has been featured in them, you will receive an email with the digital copies and/or links. As well, at the end of each month, you will receive a full report of all loans and published content, along with the links and credits to use.

Will my brand be credited on the publications?

As part of our agreement for all loans, the brands used from 5WAY will be credited. All of the brand's social links are shared with shoot team as well, to ensure tagging. If your brand is not tagged or there is a mistake with the credits, we will follow up with the team involved to make any necessary modifications.

How many pieces from my collection can I send you?

You may send a maximum of 25 pieces. Any more will be subject to an inventory fee. At any time you may send us a new selection of pieces (for example, when you have a new collection), however, a return shipment must be organised for any extra pieces which exceed the 25 piece limit

Why weren’t my products published?

It isn’t always the case that every piece loaned for a shoot will be published. We do take measure to ensure that the selections made for shoots are highly curated, to ensure high probability of use, however, it can never be guaranteed 100%. If it is the case that the actual shoot does not make the cut for the final publication; we will request the digital copies so that you have content to share with your audience.

What if my products are damaged?

Anytime your products are loaned, a contract is signed by the recipient to ensure care with handling. It may happen that products do get make-up stains (in particular around the collar) or appear quite worn after a few shoots, however this can be expected given that they are physically worn and used. We urge you to consider this before signing up with 5WAY and ensure that the products loaned are not intended for commercial sale.

May I invite people to the events?

Yes, you may invite people to our PR events. Please advise us at least 24 hours prior to the event so that we may include the guests' names to the door.

Have any further questions?

Let us know, send an email to