90×100 cm

100% WV

hem and fringed hem

Made in Italy

In Greek it means plant that heals. In fact, its roots have medicinal properties.
According to the Eastern tradition, the meaning of peony is linked to immortality, but its flowers are emblems of transience, like its rapid flowering. He is revered as a bringer of luck and good wishes for a happy marriage. It is synonymous with esteem, respect, elegance, refinement and a wish for a long life. Symbol of love and affection, it is also the bearer of prosperity, economic, honor, value and nobility of soul. When it is in bloom, it is the bearer of peace. Give yourself the peony when you want to make someone forgive something from a loved one.

Suggestions to keep the beauty of its fabric accessory intact. Place it flat and not knotted. Avoid any contact with rain or chemicals. For washing, contact a specialized professional.


Taxes and duties included.

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